Car Care

Are your selling your vehicle or just enhancing the appearance inside or out? These are the main areas that should be looked at for maximizing value for resale, or just maintaining your prized possession. This all can be done at Louie Berkers Collision Repair Centre by just asking at the front desk.

Valet Service:   A full valet service is available. Once repaired each vehicle gets a basic valet. But we don’t have to stop there, we can also offer, a full Wax and Crease clean removing any contaminants on the vehicle exterior. Different price range of interior valets, right through to a interior carpet Shampoo Wet vac.

Paint Protection:   Duraseal Paint protection can be offered for all vehicles. It works by forming a barrier between your cars paintwork and the exposed elements. Duraseal Paint protection is really effective on new cars or new paint jobs, helps keep the shine meaning less waxing or polishing your vehicle. Also helps in washing your vehicle as no detergents are needed just running water.

Paintless Dent Removal:   This is a specialized trade and this service can be offered. Minor dents and dings can be removed from the body of your vehicle without any painting. If the dent is accessible, different techniques and specialized tools can be used to remove small imperfections.

Paint Cut and Polish:  Depending on size, colour and condition of your vehicle a Cut and Polish can take up most of the day. Many processes are used for the ultimate finish and gloss. A full wax and degrease helps with the start of a polish. Vehicles go through a masking process before flatting light scratches and machine polishing through different grit compounds to get a professional finish. A final detail, full pencil touch and hand glaze is then added.

Customer Service

Quality panel beaters, we pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and superior workmanship. All our work is guaranteed, with a follow-up service ensuring our customers are totally satisfied.
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Our Facility

At Louie Berkers Collision Repair Centre we can assure you that our friendly, professional and efficient team will look after your every need.

We ensure all panel beating and repairs are factory-specified and will not impact on the factory body warranty or safety of your vehicle.

Our Business

Louie Berkers Collision Repair Centre is a high quality, leading repair centre in Whangarei. Our business is driven by a firm belief in superior customer service and quality workmanship.

Established in 1994, the business has progressively grown over the years and now has 12 fulltime staff...


As responsible panel beaters we support sustainable business values and believe that every business has a responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment.

We are working to develop our current sustainable business strategies for the benefit of our business, staff and our local Northland community...